Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Hold on to that chair!

Hold on to that chair!

I always wonder at the thinking of a photographer putting a child in such a precarious location for a photograph. Were the parents at all concerned? Was this something that even crossed the Victorian & Edwardian minds of parents at the turn of the 19th to 20th century? This little fellow looks as thought he is safe, and so we shall not worry overmuch. Note his outfit has short elasticized drawers under it, much like the “tillies” under girls dresses today to cover a diaper. Yes they had elastic and yes they used it. Elastic was invented in the 1850s or 60s.

This is the last Rudd family photograph I will feature because I really want to return the collection to the family. There are snapshots and some 20th century images as well as postcards that I know the family will cherish and enjoy for many years to come. I will also be sending a CD with all of the scans on it so my contact can share them with family members.

To view the collection that I have posted, click on the Rudd Family category to the right.

3 thoughts on “Small sailor boy

  1. I always think the same thing and wonder how many children toppled over the chair or off the chair and the session was ending because of the crying:)


  2. He looks like a happy little guy. Look at those ears! :D


  3. tony says:

    What A Cute Guy…But those ears!.Had he started to fall ,they would have saved him by lifting him to the heavens like wings……


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