Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I owed you a photo because I missed Monday somehow. Too many things going on, perhaps? :-)

This image is identified as Jacob Black. I particularly like the penmanship – we just don’t see beautiful handwriting all that much anymore. My child at age 13 cannot write her entire name in cursive although she wants to. It just isn’t taught in schools anymore like it was in previous generations. She has little reason to write by hand when so much is done on the computer. I wonder and worry sometimes at what this generation of people is going to do when they have to read and write something in the future – will they even be able to decipher “vintage” handwriting?

Mr Black sat for his photograph at the W. H. Whitehead’s Parlor Gallery, at 29 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. The area currently consists of brownstone-style buildings configured as apartments. It’s possible these are original buildings – see image below. Do you think the photo gallery was in the first floor location, or in a walkup? I also love that he isn’t looking directly at the camera, more offside and with a bit of a snarky expression.

One thought on “Jacob Black

  1. Cindy Stuart says:

    There was a really flattering article on 11 May, 1872 in the Pittsburgh Daily Commercial that describes the good taste of the gallery’s appointments and “fitting up of his parlors”, but it doesn’t mention if it was on the ground floor or upstairs. There was also a tailor and a carpet company at the same address around that timeframe.

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