Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

To kick in some much-needed Christmas spirit, I’ll begin posting a Christmas card a day – but with a twist this year. I do still love all the vintage photos, so I’ll keep posting those on Monday & Friday, but in between, I will post a Christmas card.

This card was postmarked December 28, 1917 and was sent to Anna Chodl in Chicago. The language is not English, so I don’t know what it says. The children featured each have the trappings of Christmas around them – their best clothes, toys and books, and a Christmas tree lit with candles. 

I meant to post these before Thanksgiving for your enjoyment, but I kinda forgot. :-) So, here let’s just pretend the mail delivery was slow and you just received a handful of beautiful Thanksgiving greetings from friends and family near and far…

Cute child & turkey

To Lucille from Velma & Harold

Thanksgiving Day with an ax wielder!

I don’t recognize this language

Thanksgiving Greetings from an excited little girl

Lucille from Cletus

Patriotism and thanks

More in the unknown language

When the frost is on the pumpkins

Postmarked 1910 in Dawson, ND

A plump turkey bound for the table

to Blanche & Amos

All of these cards date to the early 20th century based on the printing style and artwork. Only one bears a postmark, but all of them seem related in some way – either by recipients or by handwriting. They were probably in someone’s grandmother’s shoebox of cards that wound up in an antique shop, and then found there way here for our study and enjoyment. I hope for Americans that your Thanksgiving was restful and focused on our many blessings, and for others worldwide, may this kick off a season of peace & love to be found amid the strangeness of the 2020 world.

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