Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

One of the ladies in this photo is Minnie Anspoch. There is a label on the back like this:


2 Kitt

3 Harriett

4 Minnie


I presume that whoever wrote it didn’t know the ladies on either end of the group, so that would make Minnie the second from right. If you can zoom in on the dresses, they are certainly lovely examples of early 20th century Edwardian fashion. There are belts, pins, blouses, lovely hair styles, collar pins, and probably more I can’t see. I imagine the fabrics are woolen blend skirts and cotton or silk blend blouses. It seems so sumptuous to us today, but these were the more common fabrics of this time. Rayon was the only “synthetic” fabric available and it is made from wood fibers, so not really even a synthetic as we think of them today.

The photo itself is on a fine paper. I don’t know if it is actually a reprint, or was intended to be pasted onto a piece of bristol board and then wasn’t.

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