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The great sleuthing of site readers identified Minerva Walton Baker and found her buried at North Ten Mile Baptist Cemetery in Washington County, PA. Today, we see her husband, Daniel Baker. Daniel was born in Amwell, PA September 4, 1832 and lived in that general area until his death January 29, 1910. Interestingly, his marker at North Ten Mile Cemetery indicates 1909 as his year of death.

He was married to Minerva Walton Baker February 12, 1857 and they were together until her death in 1894. November 13, 1895, Daniel remarried to Mulvina “Vina” Miller (1852-1931). I don’t know much more than that, except to say that Birdie was born after the marriage date, so we can assume she was the child of Daniel & Vina. This photo was originally owned by his grandchild, but I have no way of knowing who that was. Should a family member find this site, I’d be happy to return this and the photo of Minerva to family. Be sure to click through to Minerva as I updated the page with all of her children.

This is a wonderful image of Minerva Walton Baker. You would think with a great name like Minerva it would not be too difficult to find her in genealogy websites, but the fact is, in Pennsylvania, there were both Minerva Bakers and Minerva Waltons. I can find several female children named Minerva Baker, and several married women named Minerva Walton, but not a married woman named Minerva Walton Baker. I had hoped to find the descendants to return the photo, but it is now upon them to find this site.

UPDATE – thanks to site readers mouselyk and Tabitha we found out this is Minerva Walton Baker, 1836-1894. See her Find-a-grave page here. She was married to Daniel Baker in 1857. Based on the Finda-a-grave page, she had three children: James, Lydia (Bigler) and Ola (Ross). According to Ancestry dot com, she had 8 children, some of whom did not survive childhood or early adulthood.

Flora 1858-1885 (27 years)

Preston 1860-1862 (2 years)

Ida May 1860-1892 (32 years)

Caroline Viola “Carrie” 1865-1945 (70 years)

Lydia 1867-1898 (31 years)

James 1870-1943 (73 years)

Birdie 1877-1885 (18 years)

Amos 1877-1885 (18 years)

I found some of these dates interesting – did she have two sets of twins? Preston & Ida May both born in 1860, and Birdie & Amos both born in 1877.

This photo was helpfully identified as Caroline Salt Babcock, the mother of Sarah Babcock Woods, who was the mother of Caroline Woods Bush. Hopefully someone will be searching for this lovely lady as I found quite a bit of information on these three names.

Caroline Salt Babcock – born 1855, New York, married to Marcus Eugene Babcock (born 1857), died 1938 – Find a Grave Here

Sarah Elizabeth Babcock Woods – born 1892, Bath, NY, married on 8-20-1931 to Wallace Watson Babcock, brother William M born 1891, died 1992 – Find a Grave Here

Caroline Margaret Woods Bush – born April 3, 1933 in Bath, NY, married to Howard Bush, she was a music teacher, died in November 2003 and is buried at the Grove Cemetery

Here’s a picture of Caroline Bush in 1951 – do you think she looks like her grandmother?

I am not really sure why I thought this fellow’s name was Conner Colter because looking at the handwriting now, it looks nothing like Conner Colter! Are those letters S or F or L or what? Fullner Falter? Saucener Salter? I really can’t make heads or tails of the handwriting.

The photographer of this mystery man was J. L. Lovell of Amherst, MA.

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