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This is a wonderful image of Minerva Walton Baker. You would think with a great name like Minerva it would not be too difficult to find her in genealogy websites, but the fact is, in Pennsylvania, there were both Minerva Bakers and Minerva Waltons. I can find several female children named Minerva Baker, and several married women named Minerva Walton, but not a married woman named Minerva Walton Baker. I had hoped to find the descendants to return the photo, but it is now upon them to find this site.

UPDATE – thanks to site readers mouselyk and Tabitha we found out this is Minerva Walton Baker, 1836-1894. See her Find-a-grave page here. She was married to Daniel Baker in 1857. Based on the Finda-a-grave page, she had three children: James, Lydia (Bigler) and Ola (Ross). According to Ancestry dot com, she had 8 children, some of whom did not survive childhood or early adulthood.

Flora 1858-1885 (27 years)

Preston 1860-1862 (2 years)

Ida May 1860-1892 (32 years)

Caroline Viola “Carrie” 1865-1945 (70 years)

Lydia 1867-1898 (31 years)

James 1870-1943 (73 years)

Birdie 1877-1885 (18 years)

Amos 1877-1885 (18 years)

I found some of these dates interesting – did she have two sets of twins? Preston & Ida May both born in 1860, and Birdie & Amos both born in 1877.

3 thoughts on “Minerva Walton Baker

  1. mousleyka says:

    Maybe this will help: Baker, Amos Walton, b. 4 Jun 1877, d. 17 Sep 1885, s/o Daniel Baker & Minerva A. Walton

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