Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This photo was helpfully identified as Caroline Salt Babcock, the mother of Sarah Babcock Woods, who was the mother of Caroline Woods Bush. Hopefully someone will be searching for this lovely lady as I found quite a bit of information on these three names.

Caroline Salt Babcock – born 1855, New York, married to Marcus Eugene Babcock (born 1857), died 1938 – Find a Grave Here

Sarah Elizabeth Babcock Woods – born 1892, Bath, NY, married on 8-20-1931 to Wallace Watson Babcock, brother William M born 1891, died 1992 – Find a Grave Here

Caroline Margaret Woods Bush – born April 3, 1933 in Bath, NY, married to Howard Bush, she was a music teacher, died in November 2003 and is buried at the Grove Cemetery

Here’s a picture of Caroline Bush in 1951 – do you think she looks like her grandmother?

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