Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

A lovely color photo card showing Kristina Klein sitting in front of the fireplace, holding a wrapped package. The Santa is fat, the colors are lovely. On the back is a note: Hi Aunt Rita, Thought you might like to see what a mischievous one Mother’s latest grandchild has become. About 30 seconds after this …

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The small picture shows Kathy & Karen in front of a different fireplace this time. The printed card features someone pulling a tree and a child on a sled. The front of the card is signed “Fred, Isobel, Kathy & Karen.” The back features a nice note: Our very best to Jennie D & Randy …

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This happy family posed in front of a tree for their Christmas picture. The parents and three small children look happy in the sunshine. One of the parents was a smart alec and signed their card “Guess who :-)” ¬†Well, we shall remain guessing after all these years!