Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Here we have Billy on the left, Shelley on the right and Big Sister in the middle who rebelled and did not wear her personalized pajamas. The children all have teeth growing in at some stage – Billy is missing his lower tooth, Big Sister has her upper incisors growing in, and baby Shelley only …

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This happy family posed in front of a tree for their Christmas picture. The parents and three small children look happy in the sunshine. One of the parents was a smart alec and signed their card “Guess who :-)” ¬†Well, we shall remain guessing after all these years!

Two sweet children at the piano, with little Judy playing a chord. The card was addressed To Aunt Agie and Uncle Jan. The beautiful penmanship reveals the family who set it was Evelyn and Harry, Judy and Jimmy. The back side reveals a note: Dear All – Merry Christmas! I’m sending Vera and Dirk’s card …

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