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Lost and forgotten photos from the past


We are moving into the CdV pages of the Red Velvet Album and finally we have something for Iggy to do. :-) This CdV of an older woman is dated 1882 and was annotated on the back:

Martha Erickson Hedlund


Anna Marie Sjoman


Anna Sofia Sjoman


Christine Erickson

11 thoughts on “Possibly one of four women

  1. IntenseGuy says:


    Anna Maria Sjoman (b. abt 1839 in Sweden) lived in Eglon, Clay, Minnesota and died there on 22 May 1929. Her husband’s name was Carl I. (b. abt 1842).

    Anna Sophia Sjoman (b. 1868 in Sweden) lived in the same town, and is apparently Anna Maria’s daughter.

    So they moved from Sweden to Minnesota between 1968 and 1885)

    There is a record of an Anna Sophia Sjoman being baptised in Jönköping,​ Sweden on 12 Jan 1840.


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    That 1968 up there should be 1868.


  3. IntenseGuy says:

    Jackpot, me thinks.

    There are two large Sjoman family living in McKeesport, PA. Theodore and Helen with daughters Agnes and Estella, John and Hilda with daughter Signa.

    Jamestown, NY is “across the PA-NY state line near Titusville, PA. The train from NYC to Erie/Buffalo ran through it (the Atlantic & Great Western Railroad, later known as the Erie)


  4. IntenseGuy says:

    In the 1910 US Census —
    Christine E(rickson?) Hedlund (b. abt 1862 in Sweden)
    Residence: Jamestown Ward 2, Chautauqua, New York
    Immigration Year: 1877
    Spouse Frank O Hedlund


  5. IntenseGuy says:

    In the 1920 US Census —
    Christine Erickson
    Residence: Chautauqua, New York
    Estimated Birth Year: 1841
    Age: 79 (in 1920) (She would have been 39 in 1880)
    Birthplace: Sweden


  6. IntenseGuy says:

    Martha Erickson Hedlund eludes me – is this Martha Hedlund nee Erickson?

    https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/FD6Y-WWY shows a Martha Erickson married to an Andrew Hedlund living in Cuba, Becker county, Minnesota. Husband Andrew Swenson Hedlund was born 1847 and died on 27 Oct 1919. This Martha was born in 1851 in Sweden.

    Becker county, MN is where Anna Sjoman is buried.

    So I think the photo is of Christine Erickson born in 1841 in Sweden, living in Jamestown, New York. Martha “may” have been her sister(-in-law?) If the photo is of the Sjoman, it would have to be Anna Marie and taken during a visit?

    So what remains to be seen is how are the Sjoman’s, Erickson’s, and Hedlund’s related to anyone in Crawford County, PA? as well as to each other (assuming Martha is the link between the Erickson’s and Hedlund’s)


    1. Anne Kindness says:

      I have pictures of Martha Erickson and can confirm the picture posted is not Martha. Martha is most definitely the link between the Hedlund’s and the Erickson’s.


  7. Well I live in Becker County Minnesota. But other than that..I am lost in this puzzle of names:)


  8. Amber Larson says:

    The Sjomans that your are speaking of are that of my family… I am working through old photos I inherited of them right now and may be able to help decipher if this is one of the Sjomans. Yes they from Swedish backround and made their life in Becker County MN, Eglon Clay County, Specifically Hawley MN.


  9. Amber Larson says:

    This picture I am almost certain is that of Christina Erickson. She was Anna Maria (Erikson) Sjomans sister


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      This is helpful! The photo you linked is definitely not the woman above, so we can eliminate Christina Erickson as a possible identity of our woman. Thank you!!


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