Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Gems 24

Sisters? Friends?

This page of our Red Gem album shows two ladies on the younger side of life. Their hair styles are definitely early 1870s.

Beads & Embroidery

Beads & Embroidery

Here the hair has been gathered in the back, has sausage curled ringlets on one side, and a fluff on the top. The combination of elements is interesting, plus she has something I can’t quite identify that looks like a round bun, but I’m not certain. Notice also that she has a bead necklace on top of her collar, and the collar itself has been embroidered with a small motif. She also has something – possibly a decorative button or small pin – right at the top of her collar. Her dress has vertical stripes.

Pretty plaid

Pretty plaid

While at first glance, this tiny image doesn’t scream “fashionista,” at closer inspection there are some details that bear examination. She has drop earrings in a teardrop style, and a fine white band collar, but most interesting is that on top of her plaid bodice, there are motifs of trim in a circular pattern. Look at her shoulder and the cuffs of her sleeves. These braid loops could have been found preset in their shape, or arranged by the seamstress in the desired pattern. The detail is not of high enough resolution for me to tell any further how they were applied.

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