Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Liberty Bell 11

High fashion high collar

Today’s image from the Liberty Bell album seems a companion to the previous image. The photographer was Tilton of Exeter, NH and the borders and mounts are the same.

In my haste to scan these photos (working with the stinky album was really rough on my allergies) I didn’t keep in order the following scan of the back of one of the previous ladies:

Liberty Bell 10

Miss Bertha Ham

I *think* this came from one of the 1890s cabinet cards, possibly our round faced lady, or her apparent sibling, or the older subject. Someone at some point had it colored in crayon, although that particular image was not in the album. Where it is I have no idea. Hopefully it is well cherished.

3 thoughts on “Liberty Bell 9

  1. John Roberts says:

    Out of nosiness, I looked up Bertha Ham in my usual genealogy links, and found her in the 1900 census.

    Bertha M Ham, single, age 25 (born Nov 1874), living with her mother, Mary J Ham, age 64 (b Oct 1835) at 36 South Street, Exeter, New Hampshire. Mary and her deceased husband both were born in New Hampshire (as well as Mary’s parents), and Bertha was born in Massachusetts. While her occupation isn’t listed on the census sheet, Bertha is listed as an ‘Operative’ in city directories produced around that time.

    Using that information, I was able to find a family tree listing her family.

    Joseph Ham (b 1835, d 1875) married Mary J Currier (1835-1914) Nov 25, 1858. They had four children:

    Joseph (1860-????)
    Mary E (1861-????)
    Frederick S (1865-1914)
    Flora Bertha (our subject from above)

    Frederick and his mother both died in March of 1914 within 3 weeks of each other, but I wasn’t able to determine why.

    Anyhow, there are some possible names and ages to put to some of those photos. :)


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Oh excellent research! Thank you. :-)


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