Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

That is a huge braid crown! This young lady was identified as Olga Strune or Struve. A site reader suggested Struve as an alternate last name for Martha Strune. Struve is also a known name and so I concur that it is a possible match.

The stain on the face of this card is unfortunate, as it makes sweet Olga look a bit haggard, but if you look closely, she has a lovely, clear face. Her dress is impeccable, beautifully embellished.

By the backmark, you see she was photographed in Koenigsberg, Prussia. Koenigsberg has a sad story. It was part of the Prussian kingdom, then part of Germany, and during World War II it was mostly destroyed by Allied bombs. The Russian government annexed it when they took over parts of Germany after the war and the city was rebuilt as Kaliningrad. Most of the original residents of Koenigsberg that had survived the war were expelled. Germany didn’t want the city during negotiations and the Allies allowed it to be taken over by Russia, which renamed it after a Russian war hero.

The photographer of this image was the Photographie Gottheil & Sohn, L. E. Gottheil, at Münzstrasse 6, Koenigsberg, PR.

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