Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past


Six men, six women

This post 1900 photograph features six men and six women. I gather this is either a large group of friends, brothers/sisters and spouses, or some other family grouping, such as cousins. It looks as thought the lady front-left is sitting on the man behind her, which seems really odd placement. Maybe this is a wedding party and she and the man she is sitting on are the bride and groom? Everyone has on their finery, hats, coats and furs.

No photographer information was found on the matte or back of the card.

2 thoughts on “Many people

  1. Interesting..I suspect that someone is added to the photo either the lady..or the men in front..they seem out of place. I think sometimes the photographer tried to manipulate images. I have an photo of my husbands family where a sister was not able to be there for the photo so the photographer added her later..she looks taller than everyone else even her brothers…but for the early 1900’s the fellow did a good job.


  2. Managing the arrangement of hats must have been a challenge for the photographer.


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