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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Three beautiful little girls pose for their photograph by an unknown photographer in an unknown location. We are lucky that someone identified them as Mary, Belle & Kate, children of Emma Rudd McGinnis.  Iggy found that Emma Kate Rudd McGinnis was the daughter of William Mann Rudd. You can view Emma’s photograph in my first post about the Rudd family.

Emma was born as the seventh of twelve children to Dr. William Mann Rudd and Catherine Eliza Rudd. As I was trying to sort this out, I realized that the Dr and his son Jr, who is pictured here, were many years apart in age. Dr was born in 1827 and was 51 when Jr was born in 1878. His youngest child Catherine was born in 1881 when Dr was 54 years old. The children were as follows:

James – 1855

Nancy – 1857

Elvira – 1859

Rosalia – 1860

Davis – 1861

Charles – 1864

Emma – 1867

Virginia – 1871

Alome/Olney – 1874

Ida – 1876

William Jr – 1878

Catherine 1881

Yes, in the days without effective birth control, a woman could be in a state of pregnancy, nursing or otherwise caring for children for thirty years. Wow.

Emma married Bernard McGinnis (1852-?) in 1889 at the age of 19. Their daughters soon followed, Isabelle in 1889, Anna Kate in 1891 and Mary in 1892. Unfortunately, Emma passed away in 1902. While Belle and Mary both do not have living descendants, Anna does. Hopefully one of them may come upon this site and be able to provide some insight into this large family.

16 thoughts on “Mary, Belle, Kate

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Isabel/Isabelle McGinnis (23 Dec 1889 – Dec 1972) married Jacob L. Pritchard (1885 – 1973) and is buried in Santa Clara, California. She had sons: Bernard Leroy (17 Jul 1912 – 14 Sep 1992), Paul R (1916 – 1927) and Basil (15 Sep 1917 – Jul 1977).

    http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=62390728 – the names on the gravestone are interesting (and a little confusing).


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I think because they are out of order it is confusing.

      Bernard 1912
      Paul 1916
      Basil 1917
      Joan 1921
      Joseph 1922
      Vincent 1924
      Richard 1925
      Dorothy 1931

      It would also be staying with the family precedent for her to be having children into her 40s. I wonder if they were Catholic.


      1. Marilyn Slaughter Mangano (Carroll) says:

        Yes. They were Catholic.


  2. What a treasure for the relatives of Anna Kate! I hope they come by someday! :)


    1. ~Paulanne says:

      Actually, her name wasn’t Anna. It was Kate (Catherine Elizabeth McGinnis) and she became a nun and had no children. Belle and Mary did have children, and grandchildren. Belle is my grandmother.


      1. IntenseGuy says:

        :) A relative!


      2. Sharon Borgford says:

        I am the granddaughter of Joethan Murray, Nancy Rudd’s son. Sister Mary Basil McGinnis, was my grandfather’s first cousin. “Cousin Kate”, as we referred to her, was a nun with the BVM order in Dubuque, Iowa when I lived there with my husband in 1969 and 1970. We visited Kate at her residence in 1970–I think she was 88 at the time. She was a delightful woman, trying to ply us with sweets (the only thing she had to offer us). She was the author of a number of religious poems that always rhymed, sometimes with a bit of desperation. When we saw her, she was wearing the (then) more modern short habit. The skin on the side of her face was baby-soft, the result of wearing a habit for so many years. She visited my grandfather in Oregon in 1971 or so–after almost a lifetime of not seeing him. I do have a picture of Kate, taken in Dubuque. She showed us the grounds of her order, pointing to the grave markers of members of her order. She is most assuredly buried there.


      3. Kathryn Harris says:

        Dear Paulanne: We spoke in the early 1990s just after Kathern Stanton, my mother’s sister, died. I wonder if you have any information on Emma Rudd McGinnis, our great-grandmother or can direct me to books, records, a website that might fill in my picture of her life. She is buried in the Slaughter family cemetery in Springerville, as is Mary Rose McGinnis. History on the Rudds, Emma’s parents, is fairly easy to come by, but I have little knowledge of Emma herself and none on Bernard McGinnis. She lived to about age 38 and died (in 1902) shortly after being brought to her parents in Springerville from a two-year residence in Alaska, leaving three daughters and a son to be raised by the Rudds. I sent you a copy of a photograph of Isabelle, Kate, and Mary Rose. You may already have had that photograph, so I am unsure whether it was helpful to you. Now I see it on the Internet under the heading “Victorian Children.”

        I am Kathryn (Mangano) Harris, daughter of Mollie Slaughter, address 7728 East Harvard Street, Scottsdale, Arizona 85257. Telephone 480-941-2195. Best wishes to you. Sincerely, Kathryn


      4. Marilyn Slaughter Mangano Carroll says:

        Mary McGinnis was my maternal grandmother. She was married to Joel McKee Slaughter and gave birth to my mother, Mollie Emma Slaughter and my aunt, Kathern Slaughter. I believe Paulanne spoke to my late sister , Kathryn Farnham Mangano prior to her death. I am Marilyn Slaughter Mangano (Carroll) who married Fred Michael Carroll in 1964 and gave birth to Tiffany Lynn Carroll (Kamin), James Michael Carroll and Sean Michael Carroll. I remember Aunt Kate well when she visited Phoenix from Dubuque, Iowa and stayed at the St. Agnes convent. I have 7 grandchildren who are all descendants of Mary McGinnis Slaughter.


  3. Very interesting hair styles. Most photos of sisters show similar and not dissimilar hair fashions.


  4. The McGinnis girls and the Colter boys were first cousins, and all of them lived nearby or actually WITH their grandparents Dr. William Mann Rudd and Eliza Catharine Mann Rudd (yes, Eliza’s maiden name was the same as William’s middle name) in Springerville (Round Valley) Arizona Territory. A very big group of RUDD family members lived there in Arizona in those days (end of 1800’s) and while Springerville was not a big city, it does look like a photographer was there at that time, and as Mrs Marvel points out – the backgrounds of the photos are the same! Same photographer. My guess is that if this was a traveling photographer, then most all of the family members were photographed at that same time. And this was probably about 1894 or 1895. My grandmother “Belle” (Isabel McGinnis Pritchard) was born Dec 23, 1889, and when this photo was taken she was 4, her sister “Kate” was 3, and little sister Mary Rose McGinnis was 2 yrs old. What a treasure to see these old photos of our family!


    1. Marilyn (Lynne) Slaughter Mangano (Carroll) says:

      This is the first photograph I have ever seen of my maternal grandmother, Mary Rose McGinnis Slaughter. What a joy to look into those precious little eyes and see Grandmother Mary and my mother, Mollie Emma Slaughter (Mangano). A true treasure.


  5. Sharon Borgford says:

    I have a large Rudd family photo probably taken at the family ranch. Nancy is a young woman then. I would love to know who all the family members are!


  6. Mary Kathryn harris says:

    This picture of Kate Mary Rose and isabell I have. I am Mary Rose (McGinnis) slaughter great grand daughter, Mary Kathryn harris. Mary Rose married Joel slaughter. They had Mollie and kathern slaughter. Mollie slaughter had two daughters Kathryn and Marilyn.

    Emma Kate rudd was my great great grandmother. There is a statue of her in eastern Arizona.
    So yes Mary Rose McGinnis has decendents


  7. Mary Kathryn. says:

    I’m a living descendent of Mary McGinnis..


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