Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Directly to the right of our “bewildered” subject in the last post is this woman in her amazing bustle dress. This is definitely late bustle (1882-1889) because of the size and prominence of the bustle, plus the gorgeous drape with what looks like velvet trim on probably wool gaberdine or the equivalent. I picture this in rose red velvet and nut brown wool, which was popular on the fashion plates of the time. Again the photographer is Hartley, a popular choice for the family.

We are just over half way through the Dobb Long Book. Coming up in the later images will be a few names. I desperately want to post them now, but I think the album order was important to the person who put it together. I’ll try to post more often so we can get to the names and Iggy can work his magic. :-)

PS Feeling much better – my daughter has shared two cases of stomach flu so far this winter, ugh! Thank you for your well wishes!

4 thoughts on “Mrs. Bewildered?

  1. Beautiful dress!! Very elegant..I always wonder what color they are too! It is helpful to know what the popular colors were.
    I hope you keep improving..my husband has had the flu for four days now..he is feeling better..I hope I don’t get it:)


  2. Oh she look too “put together” to be married to Mr Bewildered..perhaps they were brother and sister? :)


  3. IntenseGuy says:

    Goodness, that dress could have been a small circus tent. I bet the ladies were really, really happy this “fad” died out pretty quickly. How did they even sit down?


  4. I would say more bad tempered than bewilders. The face screams “I haven’t got time to stand here having this stupid photograph taken. And how much is this costing altogether. etc.”


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