Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I believe this is a set of four brothers. The youngest could be a girl, but the face is awfully “boy” to me. This photo is under Mr. Bewildered and diagonal from Mrs. Bustle Dress. If you look at the floor behind the boys on the outsides, you will see the feet of positioning stands which were a necessity for holding still little children. These boys look to be 6 months, 2-3 years, 5 years and on the left 7 years.

The photographer is J. (Jacob) Henshel of Chicago. There were three Henshels in the photography business in Chicago from 1868 through 1899, however J. Henshel does not appear to have been partnered with the other two. Their addresses never coincide, which leads me to believe that William, Jacob and Mrs. C. Henshel may have been related but J Henshel owned his own studio, while William and Mrs. C. partnered. J. Henshel was in business from 1878-1888. I will date this one right in the middle, at 1883.

2 thoughts on “Brothers all

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Awww… Those lil’ guys are really cute… I especially like the guy on the far right end holding his brother’s hand.

    The 1880 United States Census entry for Jacob Henshel (b. 1844 in Germany) shows him living with an Oharra family (maybe the one that had that cow that kicked over the lantern? :)) And in 1900 – he is living by himself (still unmarried).

    William’s mother would have been a Mrs. C. His parents were Carl and Sophia. William was much younger than Jacob.


  2. I also liked the tenderness in brother holding little brothers hand. I hope the baby didn’t fall:(


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