Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Here are two photos from the Rudd collection that feature people looking remarkably similar!


The top photograph is identified as Catherine Eliza Rudd, Kitty and Dr William Mann Rudd. Interestingly, another photo in the set identifies the adults as Dr William Mann Rudd and Eliza Catherine Mann. It was pretty common to intermarry among families, twisting lines around cousins first and second, etc. Further research may tell us how William and Eliza/Catherine were related.

The second photo is identified as Grandpa and Grandma Rain (or Rains) and Minnie. Also written in a large scrawl in pencil is “This is Minnie’s.”

The family came from Rudd, Arkansas apparently. Iggy found some good information for the women shown on my previous post and I suspect he is correct. More to come, this was a family that enjoyed photos and correspondence!

9 thoughts on “Familiars

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    William M Rudd (Birth: Sep. 27, 1827 Death: Feb. 10, 1915) and his wife, Eliza C Rudd (Birth: Jun. 3, 1836 Death: Jan. 6, 1933) are buried in Springerville Cemetery, Springerville, Apache County, Arizona along with daughter Ida May Rudd.


    They moved from Arkansas to Arizona by covered wagon (Eliza’s diary is available in Ancestry.Com).

    1880 US Census:
    1900 US Census:

    They had a huge family!


  2. Bruce Pritchard says:

    I recently joined this site and have read of several people who are interested in the Rudd family (my ancestors). Luckily, I have been in contact with Mrs. Marvel and I have been collecting her Rudd photos. Eliza’s diary (mentioned above) was handed to me in the 1980’s by my Dad (son of Isabel “Belle” McGinnis who was the daughter of Emaline Rudd McGinnis). Included with that diary was the following info:

    Vital Statistics
    (Mother’s side)

    William Mann Rudd & Eliza Catherine Rudd were married Nov. 19, 1853 at Clarksville, Tenn.
    William Mann Rudd born September 27, 1827 in Tennessee. Died Feb 10, 1915
    Eliza Catherine Rudd (Mann) born June 3, 1836 at Clarksville, Tenn. Died Jan. 12, 1933

    James Alexander Rudd born Dec. 21, 1854. Died June 9, 1945
    Nancy Elemenia Rudd (Murray) born March 30 1857. Died June 23, 1942
    Roselieo Rudd (Colter) born April 29, 1859. Died Feb. 1922
    Davis Boeruegard Rudd born Sept. 3, 1861. Died Dec. 1934
    Charles Benjamin Rudd born Jan. 1, 1864. Died Jan. 15, 1929
    Emaline Rudd (McGinnis) born March 7, 1869. Died Oct., 1902
    Virginia Rudd born Nov. 19, 1872. Died Jan. 1959
    Olney Rudd born Jan. 17, 1874. Died 1965
    Ida Mae Rudd born Sept. 27, 1876 (still living 1-20-75)
    William Mann Rudd born Aug. 12, 1878. Died May 11, 1948
    Catherine Blanche Rudd (Randles) born Feb. 5, 1881. (Still living 1-20-75)

    Copied from Rudd family bible while visiting in Springerville in 1940. Other dates of death added later.


    1. Ginger Williams says:

      We are also part of the Rudd Family. I would love a copy of the picture posted of Catherine Eliza Rudd, Kitty and Dr. Wm Mann Rudd on the blog–and would be happy to pay for it. Just a note: I really don’t believe that’s a picture of Kitty but probably their first son. They would have been a whole lot older when Kitty was born in Arizona. I do have lots of family pictures that I would share with you…


      1. Mrs Marvel says:

        Hi Ginger – check your inbox.


    2. Ginger Williams says:

      I have tried to contact you and will try again. I am interested in the picture you have of the Dr. and Mrs. Rudd–and in any info you can share on your part of the family. In exchange I have a small box of pictures that I do believe belonged to your side of the family. It’s a long story (too long for here) but got them from a woman who found them from a man who bought a storage shed that the payments had not been kept up on. I would be excited to send them to you as they deserve to be returned to the right part of the family (I have had them for 15 years).


      1. Mrs Marvel says:

        Hi Ginger – I emailed you yesterday. Have you checked your junk mail folder? I also heard from your niece I believe.


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