Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

The tall one is Olney and the seated one is Willie. Their information is written on the back of the card as follows:

Olney Lee Rudd b Jan 17, 1874

Carroll Co Ark, near Rudd, Ark

William Mann Rudd Jr b July 12, 1878 Springerville Arizona

Children of 

Dr William Mann Rudd and Eliza Catherine Mann

I was wondering at Olney’s uncomfortable posture and realized he probably has one of those head holder stands behind him. Upon closer inspection, he appears to be grasping something in each hand, probably hand rests of some type on the stand. Although the photo is not dated, Willie appears to be about 6 years old, putting this sometime in the early 1880s.

4 thoughts on “Olney and Willie

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Little Willie (son William) is shown in the 188 US census as 2 years old. Olney (named spelled Alome Rudd) is 6 years old.


    William Mann Rudd (Jr.) 12 Aug 1878 – 11 May 1948 in Flagstaff, Arizona.

    Olney Lee Rudd 17 Jan 1874 – 12 Nov 1965 – Fresno, Fresno, California


  2. Interesting photo..yes the older boy must be in a wooden stand:)


  3. ruddmcginnis says:

    Cute little guys, my Great-uncles. My own grandson looks like little Willie at the same age. (same genes) Olney’s name was mis-spelled by a census taker when they wrote “Alome” apparently. I heard “Uncle Olney” and “Cousin Olney” so many times while I was growing up, that it doesn’t even sound odd to me. But it is a strange name, I wonder what culture or language it comes from?.


  4. Milt Cornwell says:

    Concerning Olney’s place of burial I found on “Find a Grave” that he is listed as buried in Klamath, Oregon. He is also listed as Olney Lee Rudd, Sr. Age at death 91.


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