Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Let’s see if today’s name deciphering game is correct. The back of this CDV identifies the gentleman as Emil A. Gessner. I did find a matching person in New Haven, CT where this portrait was made. Assuming it is the same person, this is Emil A Gessner, born 1856 in Germany. Emil and his wife Martha (1857) had 6 children: Elizabeth (1878), Mabel (1881), Steven (1883), Everett (1885), Martha (1886), and Francis (1891). The census revealed that Emil was a druggist at the Apothecaries Hall in New Haven, and owned his home. The following drawing accompanies his Find A Grave page, suggesting he was in the military of some kind. He lived in New Haven his entire life until his death on February 3, 1930.

2 thoughts on “Emil Gessner

  1. sallysmom says:

    Do you have a link to his find a grave memorial?


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