Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This somewhat innocuous looking photo was found in the giant box at the antique shop and at first I passed it over, but after taking a second look I decided to take it with me. I think this photo might be of a prison yard or prison camp. I’m leaving the image larger than the actual snapshot so you can see the details better. There’s a barbed wire fence surrounding a large group of men standing around a smaller group of people…could this have been an early internment camp for Japanese citizens?

8 thoughts on “Prison?

  1. usermattw says:

    What a great find! Part of what I find interesting about it is that it feels almost like it was taken surreptitiously, like the person with the camera didn’t really have permission to be taking it.


  2. mousleyka says:

    Interesting. To me it has the “feel” of Russia or Korea to it. It is hard to.tell, but it looks like some men on horseback. One of the men against the fence sees the photographer and appears to be smiling.


  3. The helmets on the men to the left remind me of Japanese helmets in WWII.
    The hats on the men by the fence look European (?)


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I just re-noticed that the fellow to the far left has a rifle over his shoulder. I had seen that when I scanned the photo originally but forgot about it.


  4. The men on the right with their backs to the fence look they have German uniforms and field caps from WWI. The others look French uniforms. Prisoners is a good possibility, but a tantalizing mystery snap that may never be explained.


  5. Ed says:

    I agree with Mike on the german and french uniforms , the soldiers within the narrow confined area ofthe barbed wire appear to be wearing standard issue German WWI hats and Jackets. long rifles and light colored uniforms (could be light blue) may be french dragoons (armed with guns, type of calvary) helmets may be french calvary style, the open terrian doesnt seem western front, could be eastern front and Russian mounted soldiers, and possible even south africa area, and they are British colonials. Germans were in all three areas of the war.


  6. One of a kind photo..you were really lucky with this find! :)


  7. Mustang.Koji says:

    Definitely not an “internment camp” for Japanese-Americans. I would tend to agree with Mike and Ed’s good observations.


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