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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

To kick in some much-needed Christmas spirit, I’ll begin posting a Christmas card a day – but with a twist this year. I do still love all the vintage photos, so I’ll keep posting those on Monday & Friday, but in between, I will post a Christmas card.

This card was postmarked December 28, 1917 and was sent to Anna Chodl in Chicago. The language is not English, so I don’t know what it says. The children featured each have the trappings of Christmas around them – their best clothes, toys and books, and a Christmas tree lit with candles. 

2 thoughts on “A Happy Christmas

  1. Robin says:




    I feel the latter. Maybe an adoring granny getting a card from her grandchild or family in the old country .

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  2. Robin says:

    There are Two Anna Chodl’s living in Chicago at this time Look to be this person.

    Anna Chodl
    BIRTH 1856
    DEATH 28 Mar 1929 (aged 72–73)
    Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA


    Anna Chodl
    BIRTH 1886
    Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
    DEATH 1 May 1918 (aged 31–32)
    Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA

    The latter died the next a month after giving birth To a son who died at birth. I feel the post card was for the former though. Maybe greetings from the old world

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