Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This is a 2×3 snapshot from someone’s wedding. The group is partially identified on the reverse as follows:

Left to right: Peter, Nancy Achinson, Joan, Kathleen, Gwen, Renee, Peggy, Dorothy Hearn, Michael and Donald.

Harry is immediately behind Renee and Stuart Pemberton behind Peggy. 

The gentlemen on the far back right are Harry and Stuart. Whoever wrote this was not all that interested in the groom, or assumed the recipient would know the groom. I think Gwen is the bride. I found this in a little antique shop and had thoughts of posting it in June for the bridal season, but this week’s Sepia Saturday prompt showed a group of people seated similarly, so here we are.

For other photos of groups, big hats, weddings, garden parties, and more, click over to Sepia Saturday. You will be glad you did!

Love and obey

13 thoughts on “Who’s Wedding?

  1. Fancy! They are all so dressed up and those flowers must have cost a fortune by themselves. Great picture


  2. I always find these unknown photos rather poignant. It’s such a shame that they’ve been lost and forgotten. Mind you, there might be someone out there looking for this exact family. Let’s hope they find you.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      A cousin of my dads found out that we had photos from her parents wedding – she had never seen any due to some circumstances beyond her control. She was in her 50s or 60s at least the first time she saw her parents on their wedding day. It’s rather poignant to think of someone searching for years, only to find what they are looking for in an unexpected place….a cousin’s photo album, a website, etc. I hope someone is looking for these people.


  3. Wendy says:

    I’m loving the old wedding photos. The flowers were HUGE back then. They look like hanging baskets.


  4. Look at the size of the Ring Bearer’s pillow..oh I enjoyed this photo! I plan to do a month of weddings again beginning in June. What year do you think this was taken? 1930’s?? That would be my guess:)


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I guessed at the 30s.


  5. Jana Last says:

    Your website is awesome! Thanks for sharing these “orphan” photos. It’s such a shame to think of these precious family heirloom photographs sitting in antique shops isn’t it? Of course, I suppose it could be worse. They could have been thrown away. So, thanks for saving them so they can be found and appreciated for the family treasures they truly are!


  6. Bob Scotney says:

    I don’t remember ever seeing such a collection of flowers, The ladies’ hats are quite something too. I was also wondering about the date for this and the location.


  7. Karen S. says:

    Wow, all that really matters is how lovely it was….and yes, the wedding was beautiful!


  8. Karen S. says:

    I also wanted to add, what an amazing wall behind them…and such a gigantic pillow for the ring boy!


  9. postcardy says:

    All that’s missing is top hats.


  10. SO many weddings with dozens if not hundreds of snapshots, all capturing a staged moment that, to judge by my experience, will never be remembered by the happy couple. I look at my own wedding photos and can hardly believe I (we) were there!


  11. mousleyka says:

    I find this photo fascinating. The names written on them could indicate something – the three gents in the back to the left are not named, presumably the groom and perhaps the best man and one other in the wedding party. The people given last names were most likely not “family” – Nancy Achinson (spelling?), Dorothy Hearn (who appears to be the Matron of Honor), and Stuart Pemberton. For the lack of the groom’s last name – it’s nearly impossible to determine who these folks are.

    The names are “veddy veddy” British.


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