Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Returning to the Red Velvet Album we feature a CdV of a young girl showing off her long, beautiful hair. It is tied with a ribbon and draped over her right shoulder. A woman’s hair was definitely a point of pride in the 19th century! She also has a lovely bar pin at her throat.

The photographer was Judkins in Bismark, Dakota Territory. As we learned recently, Dakota Territory existed for a short period of time, so the photograph can be dated between 1861-1889. We can further narrow the time frame to between the mid-1880s to 1889 based on the use of a dark card. These dark colors were introduced in the mid ’80s, and while they were used through to the mid ’90s, Dakota Territory became South and North Dakota in 1889.

6 thoughts on “Long, beautiful hair

  1. Little Nell says:

    That really is beautiful hair. After all the trouble she went to with her brooch and hair, I wonder why she used ribbon which was frayed. Still a lovely picture.


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    I think she looks a lot like the girl in a previous photo – the one where the girl was badly framed – and didn’t have hardly any hair at all.


  3. She does look like the other gal..the nose and the eyebrows..sisters maybe if this is not the same gal. Her hair is beautiful:)


  4. Liutgard says:

    In Dakota Territory in that time frame- she was a contemporary of Laura Ingalls Wilder- and for all we know, they knew each other!


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