Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

A horse and rider caught mid-trot. The photo is aged and worn but does not look like some of the earlier 19th century photos I have seen. Why could that be? Click for the answer.

I am playing with you again. This is a photo I took at a local Civil War reenactment yesterday – why I wasn’t in for Sepia Saturday too. The horse and rider were working on touch lead training. Many horses used by mounted reenactment units are retired race horses that no longer are valued as “worth” the investment of the owners. Because they are already used lots of noise and people around them, they make an excellent choice for an equestrian. They are auctioned off to the highest bidder and some of these horses go for $300-$500, an incredible steal when considering a good animal and partner. Some of these riders bond with their horses so closely that they retire from the hobby for a year if their horse dies. It’s like they are in mourning.

So this is a beautiful photo of a Federal calvary officer circa 1862 riding his horse in a field.

5 thoughts on “Trotting

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Beautiful faux photo!

    Of course, the photographers of the era couldn’t take action shots! Oh how they would envy and marvel at your “modern” photography and photoshopping gear!

    I’m glad some of these horses are appreciated and live long and “normal” lives after they “retire”.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I didn’t have the best exposure so the grainy photo was actually better to make into a vintage looking image. I do laugh that 150+ years removed from the invention of photography we are trying to make photos look like that time period. There’s some commentary there about those old photos,isn’t there.


  2. Little Nell says:

    That’s rather clever of you. Worth missing Sepia saturday for.


  3. Interesting about the horses..I hope you had a great weekend..I would love to attend a reenactment someday. We are having a Civil War Sunday at the Museum in July..I hope it is a success. Not real reenactment..but we have a group that will be there in uniform that will tell us all about a soldiers life..and a Surgeon too. I hope it is a fun day..it will be free to the public and I will have some activities geared toward children:)
    When I first looked at your old photo..I thought well the horse isn’t blurry..what a great photographer! :)


  4. The worn edges drew my attention and for a moment I was fooled, that’s a nice touch.. A very good composition in sepia.


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