Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Ray Jackson sent me several photos, and I am happy to post another for your perusal. Here we have two brothers on the occasion of their Confirmation. We know this from the candles, rosaries, bibles and the cross on the table. The table is quite ornate! I cannot tell if the date 1899 is printed on the table or on the photo, but thanks to the photographer, Niklas & Co, we know the year the photo was made. The boys are dressed identically, with short-pant suits, high laced shoes and oiled hair. While the boy to the left does have a wear mark on the photo right by his face, the boy on the right actually appears to be sneering. Ray will have to chime in to let us know if it is damage to the image or actually how the boy held his mouth.

As mentioned, the photographer was Niklas & Co, at 589 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.

2 thoughts on “Brothers at Confirmation

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Such expressions!! They really don’t look too pleased to be “there”. That ornate table is awesome!

    The photographer appears to be Hincenty Niklos, born May 1856 in “Poland Aust” and married to Hety Niklos who was born Jan. 1868 in “Poland Russ”

    I wonder if the boys thought this (likely) Polish-speaking old(er) photographer guy was intimidating. I’m sure the 1900 US census taker was driven crazy by the hard to spell names in the neighborhood!

    https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.2/1TTP-XXR/p_51769731 (click on the image to see the neighbor’s names)


  2. Very cool photo..especially the short pants:)


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