Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I think this photograph might be an older version of our Communion boy featured in my Button, Button Sepia Saturday post last weekend. Take a good look at the two and you decide. This young man is a fine looking example of youth on the verge of manhood in the late 19th century. Might this be a graduation photo? He is quite tall and slender, with light eyes and hair. I bet the young women in town all though he was quite a catch. This is the last photo from the Leaf Album. It has been a treat to look at these photos and speculate who they might portray, and also to discover more about the photographers in Ohio in the 1890s. I just wish there was some way to find names for these people; it makes me so sad to think of them this way, leaving us asking who they were?

The photographer Albert Adkins was born in England in 1865, emigrating to the US in 1871. He was in the photography business 1895-1900 at least. He died in Cuyahoga in 1932.

2 thoughts on “Growing up so fast

  1. A close resemblance for sure, but the Baltimore boy’s eyes are darker and not so grey. The Cleveland boy has the same look of ambition and success that my own son had on his graduation.


  2. The other boy has larger ears..I always look at the ears and the hairline in men:)


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