Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This is another Civil War era photo. Even though the corners were cut – most likely to fit into a frame or album – we can tell by the borders of the photo. Plus her clothing just screams Civil War era! First, she has a very full skirt with minimal embellishment or trim, except the very tedious to make pleated trim. Next, you can tell by her bodice shape that she is wearing a corset, and in this period, the look was to flatten the body so that it sort of inserted into the top of the bell shaped skirt. Third, the sleeves of her bodice attach about 2 inches below the natural shoulder and feature detailed trimming at the mid upper arm. This was a very popular technique to draw the eyes wide and give the impression of a wide or round upper body. The sleeves appear to be coat sleeves with a small undersleeve peeking out at the cuff. The cuffs also are quite decorated. On to the collar. It is fairly plain, in a round shape, with a bow tie. This is a very common collar treatment. Finally, her hair. She has a nice round face, with the hair parted in the middle and drawn back over her ears, and gathered in the back in some dressing. She may have on a headband or ribbon. This is a very lovely lady of the mid 1860s.

One thought on “Mid century woman

  1. Lovely description of her dress…now that I understand this era of clothing better..I think I may have a photo or two from about the same time and I was wondering about them:)


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