Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Today we see a full portrait of a woman in a lovely 1890s gown. The sleeves are a bit poufed at the shoulders, the waist is small and the skirt flares over the hips to fall in an inverted U shape. She has some fancy jewelry at her throat and quite lovely ruffles on the bottom of her skirt. The chair leaves something to be desired, but it’s a prop after all.

Her photographer was Tomlinson Bros in Hannibal, MO. Of course, I can’t think of Hannibal without thinking of Tom Sawyer.

3 thoughts on “Full portrait

  1. The bit of lace at the elbows is different. I always try to look for the odd or the one thing that makes the photograph interesting..she looks tired:(


  2. Herbert Tomlinson was my husband’s great grandfather. Here is info from the grand daughter of the Tomlinson:” Minnette 1867-1939 was married to Herbert
    Tomlinson, photographer in Hannibal, and their daughter Jean T. Frazer was in
    the business until 1950s or so.That generation is all decsd, and none of the
    next seem to know what happened to her brothers, Will and Edwin/Edward.


  3. Rockcliffe Mansion says:

    The Trade Card above indicates that the “negatives” produced by the Tomlinson Bros. are “preserved”. Does anyone know where those negatives may be? Here at Rockcliffe Mansion, we have on display many photographs taken of the original family by the Tomlinson Bros., Hannibal, MO., including a number taken for a wedding of one of the 4 daughters in 1912. There must be others out there, if we could only find the negatives. If anyone has any information about this, we would appreciate hearing from you. Our e-mail address is: info@rockcliffemansion.com. Thank you very much.


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