Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I always think this woman and I bear some resemblance, although it could just be the soft round face and double chin, lol. I think she is the mother of our “all boy” child previously shown. She has obviously curly hair that was difficult to tame, glasses and small earrings. She even has a strand of pearls that sit very close to her neck – that would bother me. From what I can see of her dress, this is an 1890s photograph.

The photography studio was Hardy & Van Arnam of Troy NY. They appear on the list of most prolific photographers during the CdV era. In their little town, one of their competitors was Zeph. F. Magill, who we saw previously and who was involved in some sort of scandal involving a fraud suspect. It appears that they might have won the competition being as Magill does not appear on that list of prolific photographers. They opened their studio in the early 1870s.

4 thoughts on “It’s me!

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Nice to be able to “identify” on of these pictures from the album!

    :) I can’t imagine you being that old though… 1890s….


  2. Soft round face and double chin ( LoL)..I think I saw a photo in which you wore your hair very similar. I have not found a photo that looks like me yet..I will have to keep on looking! This dress seems to have lots of lace…I wish we could see more of the dress:)


  3. Nice to see that there were full figure girls out there in that era. Queen Victoria started a few fashion trends…I wish one of them was the full figure.


  4. David Rafferty says:

    My late Mother in Law was related to the Van Arnam’s I have two studio photos I could send of a Jennie Dusenberry with connection to Rita Van Arman’s daughter, maybe a cousin. The other is probably a relation and may be ancestor to Claribel Rahn born after the Van Arnam’s moved to Noble County , In in late 1800’s.


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