Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This cabinet card from the Dobb Long Book is placed next to the funeral card of Mrs. Nina Dobb, which we previously looked at a few weeks back. I can only assume – based on how I personally assemble photo albums – that this young man was close to or related to Nina Dobb. He also bears some resemblance to our mustachioed entry the other day. Could these have been Nina’s husband and son?

Another Hartley Chicago photo. This was clearly a favorite photographer of the family.

2 thoughts on “Next to Nina

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    The resemblence is uncanny – at first I thought they were the same man – one with and one without the fabulous ‘tashe.

    I’m convinced that the Nina Dobb family lived in, or just outside of, Chicago. The clues we have seem to be – The family lived in Chicago from about 1883 until 1898 when Nina passed away. They had (at least) a boy and then a girl child about a year or two later. Even with all this – I can’t find a trace of Nina. I keep thinking to myself, “Failure is not option!”

    Perhaps somone will find a clue that brings the family “records” out of hiding.


  2. He certainly has very similar eyes like the mustached guy:)


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