Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This man was clearly inspired by Abraham Lincoln with this chin and jaw only set of whiskers. Where are all the mustaches for these people? I noticed what I thought was an oddly shaped sleeve on the right side of the figure, when I realized that the culprit was another positioning stand. Now that I know to look for them I am seeing them everywhere! I believe the positioning stand is puffing out the back of the coat sleeve or the back of the coat. Of interest is that this man has quite long legs compared to his body. The photographer was H.A.S. Park at #40 Baltimore Street, Cumberland, MD. Again it makes me wonder if this person missed the action of the war. This photograph was taken in the 1864-1869 timeframe. The thicker line with a thin inner line was popular during those years.

One thought on “Where are the mustaches?

  1. It is like the sideburns grew together..my brother still has this type of beard sometimes in the winter:)


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