Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Not having the ability to grow facial hair myself, I wonder how long it would take a fellow to grow a beard as full and impressive as this one. The creases in his face remind me a bit of Abraham Lincoln, who also sported a beard. It’s like they were distant cousins. This man is older, I’d guess in his 50s and the lines in his face add quite a lot of character. The two lines around the image again help us date the photo to the 1862-1863 time frame. The photographer was Haines & Wickes Photographers at 478 Broadway, Albany, NY.

5 thoughts on “Did he shave, ever?

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    He does look a little “weary”. I wonder if he is ill – or just sick of the world.

    Beard growth depends on the guy – I have one myself and it would take me only 5 or 6 months to get that much while some guys I know could grow a beard like that in only 3 months.

    Do you think this just predates the tax stamp?


  2. mrsmarvel says:

    I think he looks weary too. Also, yes, the tax stamp was 1864-1866. Being as this could be as early as 1862, the revenue stamp would not have been a requirement. I’ve also seen several CdVs with a spot on the back where a stamp was removed – probably by a stamp collector.


  3. The lines seemed etched in his face he looks old and kind..I agree about 50..which was old for back then. His clothing looks heavy and warm.


  4. Ken Keller says:

    I have several Civil War-era CdVs, subjects unidentified, by “Haines” and by “Haines & Elliot”, all with the address 478 Broadway, Albany, NY. Does anyone know anything about Haines?


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I wasn’t really able to determine what *this* Haines’ first name was and without that (and even sometimes with it) I wasn’t able to find anything definitive. There was a “Haines” photographer in Albany, NY, George Haines of MD and Jacob Haines of PA, all contemporaries in the 1880s. I’m sorry that I’m not much more help.


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