Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Gems 9

A soft and gentle up-do and a stern looking neighbor

There is no telling who put these photos into the album and what their thinking was at the time. Did they organize the photos to show relationships or friendships? Were they just putting them in to get a handle on all the tiny photos? Who knows. These two women look like polar opposites, if you ask me! One is soft and round with a floral hair piece, the other angular and stern with a high necked dress. I like to imagine they were both lovely people under the skin.

Gems 9 - up do

Beautiful dreamer

This young woman looks to have an off-the-shoulder dress – perhaps a ball gown – because we can see her full neck and part of the décolletage . Her hair has been pulled back in a soft fashion, and features a floral accent at her center part. You can just see something like a ribbon trailing down the back of her hair and down her back. This could have been an engagement photo, a coming-out photo for a debutante, or other special occasion.

Gems 9 - Stern

Don’t mess with Texas… just kidding

Even though this photo makes the subject look stern, she has an unlined brow and no wrinkles, so she couldn’t have been described as “pinched” by her friends. She also probably has fine hair that just collapses on itself when pulled back into a bun. Mine does. Her band collar is white against a colored dress, with large contrasting buttons and a brooch. So, while she gives the appearance of being someone you don’t want to mess with, I bet she was incredibly nice and a great friend.

2 thoughts on “Pretty up-do

  1. Liutgardl says:

    Mother and daughter? Sisters? Their faces have teh same shape and similar eyes.


  2. Ed says:

    the same person, the first maybe her wedding, the 2nd after a few years? or twins? the eyes, ears, chin , nose ,mouth, neck, all have near exact measurements.maybe she died young, and this was a keepsake by a husband or parent?


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