Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Gems 8

Let’s call them Susan and Jane

In an unidentified album I sometimes give the photo subjects names, just for my own entertainment. I name the women traditional names, like Susana and Jane, Martha and Mary. Men I have fun with because men’s traditional names are so very different from our modern names. Herman, Harold, Josephus, Isaiah, Eustace….all great, traditional names. All difficult for a modern boy to grow up with!

Gems 8 - left

Young Susan

This young woman I have named Susan. She has a beautiful bodice with trim applied in a chevron pattern across the bust. This was fashionable and reflects the trends at the time. Many women decorated their dresses with trim in the bosom area to draw attention. I’m guessing this might be right after the war based on her hairstyle, which appears to be wider toward the top of the head rather than along the jawline. Her cheeks were tinted by the photographer.

Gems 8 - Right

Not so plane Jane

Jane here has a lovely, serene look to her face, but I bet she could bust out in a laugh quickly. She almost appears to be smirking. She has a cleft in her chin. Her hair is pulled back in an arrangement on the back of her head and bound with a ribbon, which may have been decorative rather than functional. Her collar appears to be a fold over collar and is fastened with a brooch. I’m going to say her dress was green, just because. :-)

2 thoughts on “Two Civil War Women

  1. anyjazz says:

    Ha! Good post! I understand the part about giving them names. I do that too.


  2. This is a wonderful album! I have enjoyed seeing all the photos! :)


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