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This type of mustache is what I would term a “walrus” in that it covers the upper lip in a healthy fashion and extends past the sides of the lips a bit. Other than the generous ‘stache, this fellow has close cropped hair and a receding hairline giving him quite a lot of forehead. Gentlemen may be able to suggest whether the mustache is an attempt to compensate for the lack of hair upstairs, or not.

The photographer was J. C. Moulton of Fitchburg, MA. Moulton was the oldest established photographer in Fitchburg, having opened his shop in 1848, according to the book Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Past and Present, published in 1887. He was also a deacon in the Rollstone Congregational Church and made contributions to the local art society, as well as shot steroscopic images. He must have been well patronized as Google quickly turns up a number of results for him.

One thought on “Walrus

  1. I have a collection of vintage images taken from ebay sales, blogs, etc. that are in a folder I’ve titled Beards & Mustaches. The variety of 19th century gentlemen’s facial hair style is amazing. This fellow is more what I’d call only a full ‘stache as a walrus should hang well below the lips. Barbers were real artists in this era.


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