Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Three children, one big bow

Three children, one very big bow

This real photo postcard of the AZO brand shows three children somehow connected with the Rudd collection. Unfortunately, no one took the time to write on the back of the photo identifying who they are. The stamp box has the triangles pointing up on top and down on bottom, so that dates the card between 1910-1930. I’d guess this is somewhere in the middle of that range. I love how the socks are all a bit saggy, which to me indicates these are normal, rough and tumble kids who dressed up for this particular occasion.

2 thoughts on “Three children, one very big bow

  1. ruddmcginnis says:

    Ohmagosh, these kids are too cute! I don’t know who they are, and wish I had time to really scrutinize our family tree to try to figure out whose children were born in this time period. This is such a fun website! Thank you, Mrs. Marvel.


  2. Very cute indeed. The girl’s bow and the boy’s button top shoes would seem from the earlier time. I’d vote 1910 -14.


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