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Guns 'n axes

Guns ‘n axes

You really need to spend some time studying this great Rudd family picture. It’s a real photo postcard of a brand that is unfortunately unidentified by my regular source. Regardless, take a good look here. At first blush it looks like four women sitting outside a camping tent. Now, look in their laps.

Do not mess with these women! :-)

4 thoughts on “Women with guns and axes

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    The lady in the back needs safety training! lol


  2. I absolutely love this photo, and the title of the blog is great. However, I might also add “funny hats.”


  3. Not the kind of women you’d want to meet in a dark campground!


  4. Milt Cornwell says:

    I read a passage in a book where Eliza Rudd said they camped out in tents in “water canyon” that’s on the edge of Eagar, Az. for about 3 weeks after arriving in the Springerville/Eagar area October 1876. Pretty close to where the Dr. Had his homestead and ranch.


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