Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Rudd 13

From the Rudd collection, here is a shot of four kids – one in a baby buggy – on the porch of a house. They appear to be two boys and a girl standing. Perhaps one of the Rudd McGinnis Colter family members can recognize a face or the house even.

Happy New Year to you, my wonderful visitors! A review of the site stats revealed 140,000 views from 148 countries last year. Amazing!! I am humbled to know that this blog has touched so many people. Your comments mean so much to me and if we can continue to work together to reunite old photos with loving family members, I will be the happiest person on the internet.


4 thoughts on “Four kids and a baby buggy

  1. Happy New Year! that is one beautiful baby buggy! :)


  2. I really think these are my grandmother’s first cousins, the children of Rosalia Rudd Colter – Maude, Ed, Fred, and baby Bert. Even though it looks like there is a smaller girl (with a boy’s haircut,) I think it is more likely that – THAT one is actually a BOY dressed in something that looks like girls clothing! (Strange, I know.) If you look at the family photo of Rosalia with her children, and then look at the “Colter Boys” photo of the younger three Colter boys, you may agree with me that this photo with the baby in a pram is actually Maude Colter and her three little brothers! Beautiful children, I must say. I bet someone who is really adept at using “Ancestry.com” could figure this one out.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I definitely see long hair on the oldest child, the one on the left. That is the one I’m thinking is a girl. There are two boys standing, then the mystery child in the pram which could definitely be a boy. Boys definitely wore dresses until age 2 or 3, sometimes 4, depending on how well they potty trained. Easier to get at the diapers.


      1. ruddmcginnis says:

        Yes, I meant that the one GIRL is Maude. And the other three are likely her three younger BROTHERS, Ed, Fred, and Bert Colter. (If you look at the Rosalia Rudd Colter family group again, and then at the photo of the three young Colter boys, it looks like this is a formal photo of Maude and her three little brothers — taken a bit earlier than the “Rosalia Rudd Colter family” group and the “Three Colter Boys” group. The faces look very much the same.). That idea of Victorian boys wearing dresses – to more easily change their diapers, is one I hadn’t heard before. A lot to learn when analyzing these old photos!


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