Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Rudd 14


I recognize these three boys from the previous photograph of the Colter family shown recently. I believe this to be Bert, Ed and Fred. Note the backdrop, straw mat, and faux tree look like the same ones used in the linked photo, and also the same as in the photo of the McGinnis girls.

We have been blessed with a family member who found these pictures and has commented on several of them. I’m going to have to add a “Rudd” category so they will all be easily found in one location on the site! Once the photos and postcards have been scanned for posting, I will be sending them all home. The wonderful part of the story of course is that the photos will be with family, but the sad part is that for them to have been sold on ebay means that who ever owned them probably passed away and the photos were sold at an estate sale. I can only say that I’m so glad to have been the high bidder, making me able to reunite these family treasures with Rudd, McGinnis and Colter descendants.

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