Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

We have arrived at Sepia Saturday again and our theme has been whining to be let out all week! Let’s take a walk through some photos I have posted in the past, bringing them out to play again, as it were. Click on the pictures to jump to the original post or you can just sit and stay here.

Hold Still Doggy!

This fellow really wanted his people to smile so he was on his best behavior. He just didn’t understand that photography wasn’t as quick for people when the photographer asked them to sit for their portrait!

Bert Clugston 2-20-1890

This boy is holding still quite well but he sure looks like he wants to speak! Let’s hope ‘ole Bert gave him a treat once the sitting was finished.

On point

A handsome setter and perhaps a spaniel posing with their person but looking ready to dash off to hunt up some rabbits!

High Grade Stogies

If anyone had asked the dog he would have told his young master not to wear the cap with the cigar advertisement on it, but instead this dog had to just roll over and take it as his master posed in the photo booth with him.

For other photos of animals, click on the category “Animals” where you will find all sorts of images, including my favorite from a wild trip to Mexico once upon a time. Once you have finished there, go on over to Sepia Saturday to find a pack of rabid posts just slobbering with doggy goodness!

You'd be barking mad to miss this!

My deepest apologies for the many terrible puns. ;-)

16 thoughts on “A dog’s life

  1. usermattw says:

    What fun! Such a treat to see nice vintage photos of animals.


  2. The human boy in the first photo looks like he needs a treat too.


  3. postcardy says:

    You have an interesting group of photos. My favorite is the Busy Bee one. The couple in the first photo don’t seem very happy together. I bet that man treated his dog better than he treated his wife.


  4. Wendy says:

    I enjoyed the punny commentary almost as much as the photos.


  5. Christine H. says:

    I love these – and particularly the hat with the cigar advertisement. People and dogs at their best.


  6. Karen S. says:

    Oh what a fine collection of dogs and their humans!


  7. Bob Scotney says:

    You have given us a series of interesting dogs. The one with Bert Clugston is getting ready to bark.


  8. robstevens says:

    I clicked on the link; it looks more like a wild trip to the beer hall :-). Nice pics!


  9. tyrogers6200 says:

    I just love the old photos of people and their dogs and your comments were spot on! Thanks for sharing


  10. Little Nell says:

    I enjoyed your puns! That couple are posing very stiffly, and they don’t look to happy. I wonder who’ll get custody of the dog!


  11. Alan Burnett says:

    No need to apologise : it was a Great Dane of a post. Loved it.


  12. These are delightful photos! Thanks so much for gathering them all up for us.

    Have a wonderful week,

    Kathy M.


  13. IntenseGuy says:

    I’ve long looked at the photo of Bert Clugston and his dog.



  14. A beautiful and witty post. Woof Woof!


  15. Jo says:

    A great selection of doggy pics and entertaining words! Off to look at your other animal photos now…. Jo


  16. Great collection of dog photos! They are hard to come by..I enjoyed them all:)


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