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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I am a little late to the Sepia Saturday entries this weekend because I’m trying to buy a car, so apologies for my tardy entry! :-) The prompt for this weekend is a lovely vintage advertisement for a Chevrolet coupe of some kind from the front of their 1930s sales catalog. Since the car is shown by a beach scene, I took this route. I have no head for car models so even though I have lots of car photos, who knows if I have a Chevy!

I love these old bathing suits. They are modest but were oh, so revealing for their time. To our “everything goes” beachwear here in California, these seem laughable and unflattering, but to these folks, the bathing suit was likely very freeing. This group of six has only one young man who is practically crowing at his singularity among the women! The bungalows in the background don’t lend much of an idea as to where the photo was taken, whether lake front or ocean front.

Here is another couple under a beach umbrella and posed in front of a boardwalk. One of the buildings in the very background appears to have a thatched roof, so it could be a replica “in the Hawaiian style” or they could be in Hawaii. I don’t know what tourism was like to Hawaii in the first half of the 20th century. At the time, Hawaii was still an independent island kingdom I believe. You can just see that the lady has her hair tied up in a scarf or cap. It might be a bit breezy since the man is holding onto the umbrella.

I hope you enjoyed these glimpses into the history of bathing gear. Click through to Sepia Saturday to see where others have taken the prompt.

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12 thoughts on “A Day At The Beach

  1. Karen S. says:

    Oh what a delightful post…please take me to the beach!


  2. postcardy says:

    The beach is so white in the first photo that it looks like they are out in the snow in their bathing suits! BTW, it’s snowing here–first snow of the season.


  3. Christine H. says:

    It’s nice to look at some warm-weather photos as I sit here wearing two layers of fleece. I bet those bathing suits were heavy when wet though.


  4. Mike says:

    You say they are modest by today’s standards and so they are, but they have a sensuality of forebidden, but almost grabbable, fruit that is lacking when it is slopped, full-frontal, in your face.


  5. Marilyn says:

    Love the old style swimming costumes! I love the group of women and children in the first photo.


  6. Alan Burnett says:

    At the end of the day, people are far more fascinating than cars. And I agree with Christine – it is nice to see some photos which transport us to warmer climes.


  7. Little Nell says:

    Lovely happy photos from the past. What more could we want?


  8. Bob Scotney says:

    On a cold and foggy day it’s a treat to be reminded of something warm. Fine photos from the past.


  9. Sherri says:

    I love the vintage bathing suits! And you’re right, that gentleman is crowing to be the only male with this group of scantily-clad females.


  10. Auntie Kat says:

    Hawaii, the 50th state, was admitted in August 1959. To me, the second photo could be in Florida. They have a lot of boardwalks and like buildings there also.


  11. IntenseGuy says:

    The board walk shot could be almost anywhere… I think the first picture is most interesting – it looks almost more modern too – It’s a shame we can’t make out any of the signs behind it – at least not words that would help us locate this beach!

    Beach front rooms for rent – bath house – I’d say this looks 1930-1950 to me…


  12. TICKLEBEAR says:

    Hawaii sounds fine with me right now…
    Love the pics and don’t care much whether it’s oceanside or lakeside.
    They had fun, didn’t they!?!


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