Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Today’s snapshot of three kids on a horse was taken somewhere in the desert. You can tell by the scrub brush in the background. The kids are stair steps, with the big brother in back, middle sister in the middle, and younger sister in front. Big brother has his arm around both of them, keeping them safe. There’s a barbed-wire fence between the kids and the photographer. It might be the juxtaposition of the small girl on the horse, but the horse looks big to me. On enlarging the image, there is *something* behind the horse and I wonder if it is mom or dad.

One thought on “Three kids on a horse

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Smiles. I like the smiles that these kids have! And I agree.. this is a well-fed, stout horse!

    I think I see a lady’s slippers and some legs with a little shadow behind the horse. I think you’re right, Mom has an eye on ’em.


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