Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Written in pencil, very faint to the eye, is 8/38, which I am taking as the date this photo was taken. It features a small boy on a small pony with a full sized adult holding the reins. The adult has on a flat crowned hat, bandanna tied ’round her neck, and dungarees. The little guy also has a bandanna around his neck. The building in the background has a tile roof and what looks like adobe walls. There appear to be at least two identical buildings, leading me to wonder if this was a dude ranch or camp of some sort. I have no explanation for the odd trim job on the upper left corner.

One thought on “Dude Ranch?

  1. DDavis says:

    for Dude Ranch picture.
    This looks like Warner Hot Springs in California.
    I used to go there.


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