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Lost and forgotten photos from the past


Today I have two CdVs, found in the big batch from ebay. They are not the same boy, because the face is just completely different from one photo to the other. Both photos appear to be from the early 1870s vintage and feature little boys in their darling dresses. Photo #1 on the left is identified on the back as Arthur Markley Lyter. Photo #2 on the right is identified as A. Markley Walker at age 2 years 3 months (possibly just 3 months). I find it interesting that they both are named A. Markley something. The photographer for Arthur Markley was Bishop Brothers in Altoona PA. The photographer for A. Markley is more difficult to make out, it appears to say “Ph, Zorn” on the left and “780 Spring Garden, Street” on the right.

UPDATE FROM IGGY: Photographer #2 was Ph. Zorn, a photographer in Philadelphia, PA. Also, so far records have revealed that Markley is a popular German surname in the Pennsylvania area, so these boys may be difficult to track. Arthur Markley Lyter was born in June 1879 and Arthur Markley Walker was born in September 1880, making these boys about one year apart in age. Cousins maybe? The common practice of giving a son his mother’s maiden last name as his middle name could have been at work here. Perhaps they were the sons of the last two daughters of a Markley line.

4 thoughts on “Some fun for Iggy

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I appreciate having some fun. :)

    Ph. Zorn, was a Philadelphia Pennsylvania photographer. He worked out of 780 Spring Garden Street (which is a parking lot now) and is adjacent to the Edgar Allan Poe National Historical Site (http://www.nps.gov/edal/index.htm) and about 3-4 blocks north of the Liberty Bell. My 3-great grandfather lived within a short walk of Mr. Zorn. I wonder if he knew him!

    I’ll investigate the “boys” as soon as I get a moment.


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    One of the Bishop Brothers of Altoona, PA was William N. born about 1849 who married Emma C. and had a son Harry L, and two daughters, Edna M. and Margaret. By 1900, William was widowed and living with his two daughters. In 1910, William was living with his married daughter Margaret and Cornelius M. McHale. In 1920, William, now 71, was living with his still unmarried daughter Edna. Who the other “Bishop Brother” was – I wasn’t able to find out.

    Markley is a common German surname in PA. Perhaps the boys were related via a Markley.

    The only census record I can locate for Arthur Lyter (b. Jun 1879) puts him in Philadelphia as a boarder with a family named Bander working as a wheelwright.

    I found an “Arthur Markley WALKER” who was born on September 24, 1880. He married ‘Unknown’ and had ‘No Issue’.

    I’m going to research some more – this is intriguing.


    1. nannymc says:

      Hello, I realize this is a very old thread but I am hoping you may have had success in your research. I am researching an Arthur Bowman Lyter, born July 1880 in Halifax, Dauphin, PA. I came upon this post in my search and am wondering if perhaps this is the same boy as I cannot find record of an Arthur Markley Lyter, or any other Arthur Lyter for that matter during this same time. Also, most coincidentally, my Arthur had a younger brother named Joseph Markley Lyter. Both brothers passed away within a month of each other in 1918 from the Spanish flu at just 38 and 35 years old. Is it too much a stretch to think this photo may in fact be my Arthur Lyter? Would love any insight anyone could provide.


  3. Cool Photos..and I am glad to see that Iggy is hot on the trail:)


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