Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Here we have a cabinet card from the C. Murray Album, of a photographer. I have always heard that photos of people with objects were not as common, because of the expense of photography. But here we have a man you may recognize, posed with a camera. The photographer was G.A. Streeter in Gilroy, CA (the garlic capital of California, in case you were wondering). I haven’t been able to find any information on him, but Gilroy is a small place, and even though it is right in Silicon Valley, the historical society may not be as technologically advanced as its neighbors over in Cupertino.

Now, back on the original post, Far Side of Fifty noted that she found that Arthur Streeter married Kate Parish on May 1, 1889, which was the date noted on that first photograph. By taking a great leap of faith, considering this was taken by G.A. Streeter, and he’s posing with a camera, I’ll guess that he went by Arthur. In this photo, his mustache is a little longer and he looks a little weary. Considering his and Kate’s little girl passed away I would guess unexpectedly in 1891, I wonder if they decided to put Kansas behind them and head out west to California, where Arthur could try out a new trade. It’s all pure speculation at this point, and somewhat melancholy speculation at that.

I wonder if we will be able to find out more.

UPDATE: Arthur Streeter was born May 20, 1865 in Vermont. He married Kate Parish on May 1, 1889 in Kansas. Their daughter passed away May 28, 1892. Kate passed away in 1896. September 28, 1899, Arthur married Nell Blair.

Welcome Sepia Saturday travelers! This image is one of a full photo album that I blogged last year, but had to post because of the camera theme. For once I can meet the theme! Thanks for visiting!

19 thoughts on “Was he the photographer?

  1. Cool..way cool..for this to have matched up this way..he must be Arthur Streeter..but as you say it is all speculation. I have not seen a photo of a photographer with his camera in all of the cabinet cards I have seen..great find! :)


  2. Brett Payne says:

    What a great photo – thanks for sharing it.


  3. Brett Payne says:

    OK, I got the smoking gun. On 1 June 1900 George A. Streeter (b. May 1865 Vermont), photographer, was living with wife Nellie B. (born June 1873 Kansas), to whom he had been married for 8 months, and mother Mary A. Streeter (born April 1833 Vermont) at 116 North Side West Sixth Street, Junction City, Kansas.

    By 1910 he was a travelling cash register salesman living with his wife Nellie at North Draper Street, Shawnee Twp, Pottawatomie, Oklahaoma – no kids.


  4. Marilyn says:

    It is a wonderful photo, but what a lot of sadness to lose his daughter then his wife.


  5. Tattered and Lost says:

    What a handsome fellow.


  6. postcardy says:

    That’s a nice photo of both man and camera.


  7. My heart skipped a beat when I saw “Kate Parish.” I have Parrish ancestors in Kansas, but none called Kate that I can see in the GEDCOM.

    And we did spell it with 2 Rs…

    What a wonderful photo.


  8. Leah says:

    What a story behind the picture. It sends me down a long path of imaginings. Very cool.


  9. Karen S. says:

    Now is he single? Lovely man !


  10. He is very striking. I enjoyed this photo and learning a bit about him and his wife. Thanks!

    Happy Sepia Saturday,

    Kathy M.


  11. Pat says:

    Excellent photo. He does appear wistful, looking beyond….I will have to start to share my mystery folks, unidentified from MIL’s and aunt’s collections. I know all about Gilroy and the Garlic festival; the only place I ever had garlic icecream!


  12. Christine says:

    He doesn’t look full of joy – understandable too. I know what Gilroy looks like now, but back then it would have very rural.


  13. Howard says:

    Great picture. The camera seems very large, surely too large for a standard studio photographer? His suit seems very clean and very well made too.


  14. nancy javier says:

    I love this photo. Wonderful – what a handsome guy and that camera!!
    Love it.


  15. Jo says:

    There’s a man who means business, but he does look somewhat weary and melancholy. Jo


  16. Emma says:

    Katie Parish’s sister, Effie Parish married Dr. James Thayer and they lived in Kansas, then Texas and ultimately in 1888, they moved to Gilroy, CA, where Dr. Thayer established his own practice. Maybe after Katie & Arthur were married in 1889, they joined Effie & James in Gilroy?


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      That is really great information to add to the story! Thank you so much for your comment, and does make a connection considering Gilroy was such a small town, I could never figure out why they would have gone there.


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