Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This is our last photo of Clyde and his family. Taken in 1891 by G.M. Wheeler in Junction City, Kansas, this photo features the ages of the children as: Clyde, 9, Flora, 7 and Abbie, 4. They are really beautiful children. Flora in particular has a solemnly beautiful face that I can imagine was quite beautiful as an adult.

If you remember, G.M. Wheeler and Louis Teitzel were partners in the Boone’s Market Building on Washington Street.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Children

  1. Oh no not the last of the children..have you searched the Kansas census records? Those little girls are now perched on the fence thingy..I suppose it looks more western and rustic :)


    1. mrsmarvel says:

      I haven’t done a search yet – no time today. I really want to know who they are. I’m certain they are all related somehow but how is the question.


    2. mrsmarvel says:

      I remember now, that fence thingy is called a stile. My mother explained to me as a child that it was a way to climb a fence that extends for a long way.


  2. I should have known that was a stile..there was one at my grandparents house it went into the pasture..I just never thought about it! :)


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