Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

A lovely baby with his mother, taken around 1882. This baby is named Clyde, so that answers that question, but who is his mother? In my opinion, she looks a little worn around the edges, as though she is having a difficult time adjusting to the rigors of motherhood. Check back again for Clyde and his mother, as I have identified at least three other photos from the C. Murray Album of this family.

I had no luck searching for the photographer, Howard T Holderness. There is a famous plastic surgeon apparently who shares the name, but no luck elsewhere.

UPDATE: This is Abbie J (Streeter) Moses and her son Clyde. Abbie was born October 6, 1855 and lived until December 10, 1917. Her husband George lived until 1928.

2 thoughts on “Who is this baby?

  1. Judy Lemons says:

    The photographers are Wilber A Howard and Elijah Holderness.


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