Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This little snapshot shows an Army man and a woman. The hairstyle on the woman looks more motherly than wife-like, but since there was no information on the photo I can’t say for sure how these two are related. The back of the photo was stamped “Cunningham Studio, Gainsville, TX, February 24, 1946.”

This photo is definitely an earlier photo than yesterday’s photo of Clyde and his mother, but my daughter insisted on a baby photo and it’s tough to disappoint a three-year-old. You can probably now understand why yesterday I commented that Mother looks a little rough around the edges. My suspicion is that this is a …

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We can comfortably date this cabinet card to 1885-1895 due to the use of a dark backing, which is when they were popular, and apparently dark green cards were less popular and thus fewer examples exist to be studied. Yay us! We have this lovely couple from the C. Murray Album who were photographed by …

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