Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This tintype of a young couple is charming

in its simplicity. It could be a wedding photo although neither is wearing flowers, which was a common way to show a photo was a wedding picture. The couple is carefully dressed, although notice the wrinkles in the mans slacks from sitting.

The woman’s dress reminds me of an 1890s style called an Eton Suit. It was a popular look with a skirt, shirtwaist (what we call a blouse) and the boxy jacket. Some Eton Suits had very large sleeves while others – like this one – had more modest sleeves. It was definitely a fashion choice per the individual. The cute boater style hat was often the accessory of choice.

Also note the backdrop appears to have drooped a bit in the upper left corner of the frame. This suggests to me that the studio may have been a temporary one, such as at a fair or carnival, which tended to host tintype photographers. Tintypes were made through the 1930s at such venues.

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