Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This lovely wedding portrait has unfortunately sustained some damage and the glory of the clothing is not as quickly discernible as usual. The photo was dated to July 3, 1892. You can see the dress here has floral trimming across the bodice, which tells us this is a wedding dress. There is a train to the dress and it doesn’t appear to have much of a bustle. It honestly (to me) looks more like a natural form dress, but I’m not a clothing expert. The woman is holding a small book in her hands, likely a prayer book. Her hat looks like a lot of angles, I’m guessing it has flowers or birds on it.

Maslin has a flower in his lapel, and you can’t really see it easily, but he is holding a bowler hat in his right hand.

The back of the card has the couple identified as “Maslin (something unreadable) & bride.”

Being as they are also from Pueblo, CO, what are the chances that they knew Lulu & Lee from our previous post?

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