Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I love a photograph that tells a story. This one shows two fellows in suits, snazzy neckties, cigarettes, leaning against an automobile parked in front of a nice looking house. They seem to have been smiling and relaxed and it makes me wonder what they were up to that day.

The back of the snapshot is wonderful:

Me and my Newfoundland pal. Al Milley. This is not the one that was in trouble when I was living at your place.

Oh dear! What can the other person have been up to that he was worth a mention on an unrelated photograph?

Al Milley is a different sort of character, apparently. I found a record in the Canadian military for Alexander Milley who served during WWI. He had a residence in Little Rock, AK. There was another record of an Alexander Milley from the US who served in WWII. It’s not enough to make a leap and keep digging, unfortunately.

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